Our Brands


Experience the most authentic, extensive line of Japanese organic tea and tea based products in the world with KEIKO.

Our products include organic half-shaded green teas and matcha, delectable organic green tea chocolate and candies, as well as Japanese artisan tea ware and utensils to complete your tea experience.


Just as you would take the extra time and effort to hand-pick the things that mean a lot to you, we at Curated. take pride in doing it for you.

Carefully selecting each product and checking to ensure that quality is not compromised, every item that we source is thoughtfully considered and chosen, making sure that you get the best value just like how it would matter to us. So let us curate, and you be the judge.


Singapore’s first mobile popup tea bar, specialising in (but of course), TEA. Most importantly, besides the high quality teas that we use, you’ll be glad to know that the people behind the bar do care a lot about tea and aim to make amazing cups of tea for you.

Every cup we serve is brewed by hand. And even the tea lattes? Yes that too. Lots of care goes into making sure that every brew is yummy and flavours brought out in what we think is the best possible manner.